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  • What is ombre/powder brow?
    This form of eyebrow style does not include any hair like strokes to mimic the look of natural brow hair. Instead this technique requires complete shading of the brow, from the head to the tail. The ombre/powder brow can be compared to brows when filled in with makeup. The head starts out light and gradually fades darker all the way to the end of the tail.
  • What is Microshdaing?
    This style of brow combines the microblading and ombre style all in one. It is a combination of microblading beginning at the head which blends into shading throughout the tail. Perfect for those who are looking for a super natural, yet more profound style of brows.
  • Do I need a touch-up?
    It is extremely likely. Within the first two weeks of the initial procedure the color fades as much as 30-40% and the eyebrow might look patchy and uneven. After this period, typically between 4-8 weeks, a follow-up appointment is done. The touch-up procedure is much less time consuming as the initial one. As well, any changes you would like to make may be discussed.
  • How long does it last?
    The results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Many factors can affect this time frame, such as the clients type of skin, proper care of the brows after the procedure, and many others. It is recommended to have a touch-up procedure done annually to retain the proper shape and saturation of pigment
  • Does it hurt?
    A topical anaesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing during your procedure. Pain thresholds vary from each individual person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entire procedure, however small amounts of discomfort is to be expected.
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely! I only use sterilized, disposable needles and supplies.
  • Will I be swollen?
    You won’t be swollen, you just might have slightly red skin around eyebrows.
  • Will I need a touch-up?
    Most likely. Within a week of your first treatment, the color will fade significantly and over the next four to six weeks can continue to fade as much as 50%. This is considered an extremely positive occurrence as it allows you time to reflect on your shape and color. After this period your follow-up appointment is carried out. At this point any changes you would like to make are discussed.
  • How long does it take?
    The procedure lasts roughly two hours but may be longer or shorter. Please allow a solid 6-hour window for your appointment. It likely will not require that much time but is not something that can be rushed.
  • Do I need to take the day off of work?
    No, you do not. Clients may resume normal activity directly following the procedure. Redness will alleviate in 1-2 days. Eyebrows will appear darker initially, but not so dark that you will be prevented from normal activities.
  • How long does it take to heal?
    Healing time varies from individual to individual. Usually, it takes about a 7-10 days for the epithelial crust to form and slough off. Your skin will be considered healed after that happens. The pigment will then take some time to settle into the skin, a good month should pass before the procedure is considered complete.
  • What to do after the procedure?
    You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry – that means no swimming, sweating, getting the area wet, no tanning, no having prolonged sun exposure, no picking, peeling, scratching or rubbing the tattoo. These may attribute to loss of color and scarring. Washing your hair and face may still be done, as long as the brows are not completely submerged in water. Once they have healed up entirely, you are free to treat them as your own.
  • How do I extend the life of the procedure?
    Eyebrows will remain beautiful and last much longer if sun block is applied regularly and any abrasive facial treatments on the brow area are avoided.
  • What color will I get?
    The color will mimic your natural brow hair as best as possible, unless a different color is desired.
  • I already have my eyebrows tattooed/microbladed and want to change/need a touch up. Can I book with you?
    Unfortunately, we do not work over another artist’s work. Exceptions may be if the color is invisible or has been removed completely
  • Do you have to shave off my own eyebrows?
    No. Every attempt is made to retain all-natural eyebrow hair and integrate the semi-permanent design as naturally as possible. In some cases, where shaping of the natural brow is required, a few hairs here and there may need to be removed to create a clean and aesthetically pleasing result.
  • I have heard some clients just do not retain pigment even after a few visits. Could this happen?
    In these circumstances, a third appointment is often set up so the brow artist can review the work and sort out possible tweaks, (if any) that may need to be done. Often times, a client will cancel this appointment as the brows will just take a little extra time forming to the finished look. However, there are the occasional few that may need one or two extra strokes to finish off the look. The skin may react in a way to try and push out the foreign body of pigment by producing an extreme scab, which eventually will fall off, taking all the pigment with it. A condition of Pigment Allergy or PPD (paraphenylenediamine) can cause an adverse reaction from the dye as well as any Auto Immune diseases, which the client may not even be aware of. The skin would have over reacted and become super sensitive to the pigment and reject it at any cost.
  • Can you guarantee your work?
    Unfortunately, we cannot. It is impossible to predict how the skin will react in each individual and many factors are taken into consideration; skin type, age, scarring, diet, stress levels, facial products used, etc. These all play a key role in how the pigment will hold, which is why it is crucial to know that more than one touch up may be required. We treat our client’s brows as our own and offer the best possible treatment as we can. Using our experience and expertise to give the absolute best outcome possible. We guarantee to strive for complete satisfaction in the design of your brows every time. Again, reiterating that there are no guarantees in this industry. Please carefully take into account all aspects of the process and decide carefully if having your eyebrows microbladed is right for you.
  • What if I don't like it?
    Although Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent, the procedure does allow flexibility for color or shape change to some extent. However, I will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction with the proposed technique. I always allow for you to have as much control over the procedure as possible, so there is very little room for error. If you are unhappy with your original decision, the touch up may be cancelled and the pigmented area will naturally fade away over time. If you are not 100% sure you would benefit from this procedure, please opt for a more temporary option.
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